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For the Record investigates how contemporary video culture operates as a public space for consumerism, activism and emancipation, by exposing existing realities and by imagining alternatives.

The project seeks to document and reflect upon the technologies, spatial design and forms of representation deployed in video culture and live events, and uses public programs and video production as the main research methodology. For the Record  is envisioned as a live, collective research, in which its themes and questions will be updated and reformulated by the team, the audience and collaborating partners as the project evolves. The project engages with both local and global issues and dimensions in video culture, involving a broad network of set and stage designers, architects, artists, filmmakers, musicians, choreographers, media producers, cultural critics and institutions.

For the Record at PDB’21

On 23 and 24 July Het Nieuwe Instituut was part of the Porto Design Biennale 2021 (PDB’21) with For the Record: The Politics of Design in Music Video, a two-day programme of lectures and workshops.

Open Call: The Politics of Design in TV and Music Video

Selected projects

Five research projects were selected for Het Nieuwe Instituut and Beeld and Geluid's The Politics of Design in TV and Music Video open call.

Set Stage Screen: A Situated Video Channel

Set Stage Screen: A Situated Video Channel presents audiovisual work by Hannah Dawn Henderson, Safiq Nasution, Natalia Papaeva, Ashley Röttjers, and Geo Wyeth and Jay Tan at various public locations in the city of Rotterdam.


The Eleventh Island

Activating Silent Histories through Video

An essay by Janilda Bartolomeu 

Songs from Another Room: Music Video in Quarantine

In times of the Covid-19 pandemic—when millions of people under lockdown are experiencing a sudden reshuffling of public and private spaces—video-based platforms now predominantly assure the continuation of public life, gathering and communication outside our own domestic environments.

Video Channel

A public recording studio records and shares the conversations in a video format. Following each event, a new video will be released on this channel.

For the Record series

Investigates forms of representation in music videos

Next in the Series: Urban Imaginaries

11 June 2020

Under lockdown and self-isolation, music video formats have actually enabled forms of solidarity and collectivity across borders. This online event will look into how local realities and changing notions of public space are represented in these videos. 

Video Essays

Articles and essays on the politics of contemporary video culture

Screen Spaces, New York

Screen Spaces: a Geography of Moving Image, an exhibition and lecture programme from 1 to 7 December 2018 in New York

Marina Otero Verzier, Director of Research, Katía Truijen, Senior Researcher and Delany Boutkan, Researcher
Koos Breen and Jeannette Slütter
Koos Breen
Tanja Busking
Shay Kreuger