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The For the Record event series in Rotterdam take the form of a public recording studio. Not only to visualize the forms of production and postproduction that are deployed in video, but also to record and share the conversations as a video in itself. Following each event, a new video will be released on this channel.

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For the Record: Reading Apeshit

For the Record: Reading Apeshit examines the music video Apeshit by the Carters, also known as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The choreography and selected artworks from the Louvre collection form the basis for a debate on forms of representation, performance and decolonizing cultural institutions. With Davide Belotta (dancer and choreographer), Imara Limon (curator Amsterdam Museum) and Nathalie Hartjes (director Showroom MAMA). Moderated by Shay Kreuger. 

For the Record

For the Record is a research project on the politics of video culture by Het Nieuwe Instituut. It investigates how video culture operates as a public space for consumerism, activism and emancipation, by exposing existing realities and by imagining alternatives. The project seeks to document and reflect upon the technologies, spatial design and forms of representation deployed in video culture and live events, and uses public programs and video production as the main research methodology.


  • Tanja Busking – Direction and Videography
  • Ralph van Boeschoten – Camera Operating
  • Koen Dijkstra – Camera Operating
  • Koos Breen – Set Design and Graphic Design
  • Jeannette Slütter - Set Design
  • Shay Kreuger, moderator For the Record series
  • Maximin Lavoo, program manager Thursday Night Live!
  • Tony Santos, producer Thursday Night Live!
  • Katía Truijen – Senior Researcher
  • Marina Otero Verzier – Director of Research
  • Delany Boutkan – Assistant Researcher
  • Fiona Herrod – Assistant Researcher
Marina Otero Verzier, Director of Research Katía Truijen, Senior Researcher
Vere van Gool, curator Emma Macdonald, curatorial assistant
Shay Kreuger, moderator Koos Breen, set design and graphic design Jeannette Slütter, set design Tanja Busking, film production