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Music videos often expose the realities of local communities, circulating them across platforms and borders. Under lockdown and self-isolation, music video formats have actually enabled forms of solidarity and collectivity across different countries. This online event will look at how local realities and changing notions of public space are represented in music videos. Speakers will also reflect on how fans and communities, held together by music, are responding to the current situation, and what modes of collaboration are emerging during social distancing.  

During the live radio and video broadcast, music video directors, artists and researchers will discuss examples from Rotterdam and other places. This event is a collaboration with Rotterdam-based online radio station Operator, and will be moderated by Shay Kreuger.


Katayoun Arian (researcher, curator and writer), Marguerite van den Berg (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Amsterdam), Massih Hutak (writer and rapper) and Tim Wes (artist and saxophonist).


19:00 DJ set Operator
19:30 Start Programme
20:45 DJ set Operator 

20:00 – 22:00


Marina Otero Verzier, Director of Research, Katía Truijen, Senior Researcher and Delany Boutkan, Researcher
Koos Breen and Jeannette Slütter
Koos Breen
Tanja Busking
Shay Kreuger