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Past events


For the Record: Performing Gender will examine gender roles and feminist positions in popular music videos. Iconic videos of Madonna and Prince, as well as recent video releases of Sevdaliza and others, will form the basis for a debate on the articulation of gender through the cinematographic gaze and the performing body. 

11:00 – 15:30

To mark the opening of Screen Spaces, a public program at Anthology Film Archives will assemble a group of artists and cultural practitioners to discuss the ways in which the production of reality is mediated by the architecture of the screen.

01/12/2018 – 07/12/2018

Screen Spaces, a geography of moving image is an exhibition and lecture program within the For the Record series from 1 to 7 December 2018 in New York. The program explores video and time-based media, including net art, set-design, animation, video, reportage, music videos, television, CCTV and social media channels, as sites of reality production and circulation. By examining the material, spatial and political dimensions of the space of the screen and the territories it mediates, Screen Spaces aims to unveil the identities, ideologies and imaginaries that inform video culture today.


This event examined and discussed the music video Apeshit by The Carters, also known as Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The choreography and the selected artworks from the Louvre collection formed the basis for a debate on forms of representation, performance and decolonizing cultural institutions. With speakers Davide Bellotta (dancer and choreographer), Imara Limon (curator Amsterdam Museum) and Nathalie Hartjes (director Showroom MAMA). The evening will be moderated by Shay Kreuger. This event is part of For the Record, a research project on the technologies, spatial design and forms of representation in contemporary video culture.


This is America, a video by Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, will be examined and discussed during this event. References from the video will form the basis of a lively debate between scholars, artists and journalists about the status of racism and use of propaganda in modern day America. With Esperanza Denswil, Malique Mohamud, Marina Otero, Rob Schröder and Melanin Kris. Moderation by Shay Kreuger.

Marina Otero Verzier, Director of Research Katía Truijen, Senior Researcher
Vere van Gool, curator Emma Macdonald, curatorial assistant
Shay Kreuger, moderator Koos Breen, set design and graphic design Jeannette Slütter, set design Tanja Busking, film production