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For the Record series of Thursday Night Live! investigates forms of representation in popular videos. Following Reading Donald: This is America and Reading Justin (and the Superbowl), a third event on 25 October, 2018 examined the music video Apeshit by The Carters. The choreography and the selected works from the Louvre collection were the basis for a debate on forms of representation, performance and decolonizing cultural institutions. On 31 January, 2019, For the Record: Performing Gender will discuss gender roles and feminisms in popular music videos. This series of events will be moderated by radio-dj, reporter and host Shay Kreuger.

The live events will take the form of a public recording studio, visualizing the forms production and postproduction that are deployed in video and that shape our mediated realities.

Het Nieuwe Instituut has invited designers and artists Koos Breen and Jeannette Schlütter to design a ‘set’ for the series in which the conversations will take place. The edited videos by Tanja Busking will form the basis for an ongoing exchange across different media platforms.

Marina Otero Verzier, Director of Research Katía Truijen, Senior Researcher
Vere van Gool, curator Emma Macdonald, curatorial assistant
Shay Kreuger, moderator Koos Breen, set design and graphic design Jeannette Slütter, set design Tanja Busking, film production